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   Patronize restaurants that offer you the best possible overall experience. The endorsement of good service is your repeat patronage.

   Think of it this way: What good is the "best" food in town if you cannot enjoy it because of inadequate, rude or uneven service. Good, or bad, service starts at the owner's office, and trickles down from there.

   Circa 1985 I found myself in a restaurant that purported to be the  "Inflation Fighter's Restaurant". The owner was quite the character and made it a point to let his patrons know that if there was problem, just let him know and he will fix it. Great in theory but for all practical matters he was never wrong.

   He complained that his staff was incompetent, that chefs were hard to find, his suppliers always let him down and that restaurants were a hard business. His food was actually very good if it could simply get to the table without the sideshow that accompanied it. It all led to uneven service and poor attention to any detail.

   I stopped going after he was publicly angered by a patron asking for a bit more crab on her Louie salad. This is an extreme, but you get the picture.

   Some of the best service that I have received has been at diners and the like were service has nothing to do with the price of the food or the neighborhood.

   And with all this said...Being a good and reasonable customer will do more than anything else to insure a good experience.


Dining Truism # 1 Service is King
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