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A major part of your dining contract is the menu. READ IT...
Before enjoying a restaurant meal keep in mind that a major part of your dining contract is:

The Printed Menu

Please take the time to read it.

   Restaurants just open their doors for business and welcome hungry guests. As an informed consumer you really must take the initiative to participate in the process.

   Think about this. There are very few businesses that offer a complex service that fully lays out what they do, provides that service which typically includes the work of dozens of people, and all of this is accomplished without even asking for a good faith deposit in advance.  

 You and the restaurant really only have one definitive document between you and that is the menu. Read it carefully because it has all the details. Think of it as the road map to a satisfying dining experience.

   Once I received a call from an irate listener who was particularly upset that each of his party of eight was charged for soup and salad in addition to the entree ordered. His complaint was that the server had asked if anyone wanted soup or salad with their entrée. The guest then made the erroneous assumption that these items were included. The menu was clear that the entrees were a la carte (each menu item is priced separately.) Therefore, soup and salad, separate menu items, were, of course, additional. 

   The server’s job is to serve and sell. Read your menu.